Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to Spinning

** ran 6 miles this morning

** swam a mile and a fourth with 300yd pull

** 45 minute spinning class at the Mansfield Y. This is a noon class taught by Bob Gleason. He is a very good instructor and always has us tired and sweating by the end of the class. I haven't been to the class since this spring since I started ultra running training. I had to give up something so it was the biking since I felt that swimming helped me recover from the long runs. I didn't ride to hard today because I didn't want to be sore but my legs are tired. Last winter I went to class three times a week. I need to slowly get back into it, so I probably won't go to class again until next week. I will then try two days next week. I guess I love to punish myself.LOL

**Tomorrow afternoon I have two running choices. One is to do some type of interval workout with the Loudonville C-C team or two, run the trails with the Y run club. I'm leaning toward the interval workout so I can start to get some turnover going, if that's possible. I'll fill everyone in tomorrow. Maybe I'll do both.LOL

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